10 Perfect Itinerary Ideas to Do When You’re in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is famous for its beautiful cottages with stretches of the canal out front and a handful of city bikers on the daily.

The capital of Denmark is a friendly city that allows you to explore on foot or bike safely. There are dedicated no-vehicle walkways for you and your friends without worrying about bumping into a fast-moving car.

Copenhagen is worth a visit. Before you book a flight to this city, we’ve curated a travel guide for you to copy that perfect Danish vacation.

Tips for Travelling in Copenhagen

Here are a few reminders on how you can make a hassle-free trip to Copenhagen— including a couple of general knowledge about the city that might be handy in case you go and join trivia nights with friends and family in the future.

Make Restaurant Reservations Months Ahead

Michelin-starred restaurants are all over Europe. Paris may have the most number of these high-end restaurants, but Copenhagen has plenty of stars on its plate also.

If you want to try one of these, the best and most useful tip that we can give you is to make your reservation months in advance.

Some of these restaurants take reservations 3 to 6 months in advance.

That’s how packed these places are so you better secure a table even before your trip begins.

Be Extra Careful Before Crossing the Street

Remember when we told you you wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into fast-moving cars? Well, the thing in Copenhagen is that bikers are all over the city.

You might not worry about cars, but you might want to look out for bikers pedaling their way around the city.

You have to be cautious when crossing a street. It’s a grade-schooler tip to say but better to look left and right before you walk forward.

We don’t want to suffer from a collision injury abroad.

Local Currency is Not the Euro

Here’s a fun fact: Denmark, unlike other European cities, doesn’t use the Euro as their currency.

They have the krone instead and have pictures of bridges and historical places in their country printed on their banknotes instead of famous people.

Now, while that nugget of information will take you a notch up the general knowledge ladder, you must also note on your traveler notepad that tipping on this side of the planet is minimal and is not required.

Sure, you can give a spare change to your hardworking waiter, but bear in mind that your bill usually has a service charge already.

The same goes for taxi drivers. They won’t expect you to hand over a tip, but it’s nice to round up your fare.

Copenhagen Card

The Copenhagen Card is a real treat for travelers.

It’s an all-access pass to trains and buses plus—wait for it—free access to over 80 museums throughout the city.

You can even go to local tourist spots that are included in the list all for free!

If you want to save on entrance fees and other extra payments for God-knows-what, the Copenhagen Card will save the day.

You can get one at the airport once you arrive or at the visitors’ center near the central train station.

Copenhagen is a Kid-Friendly Place

Some travelers may notice a couple of kids’ amusing shrieks and toddlers’ cry here and there because Copenhagen is, in fact, a perfect vacation place for families.

Most restaurants are very accommodating when it comes to guests with kids.

They won’t mind having them around, so you’re in for a good time with your children.

They also have the Children’s Museum at the National Museum, where you can take your kids for a little cultural immersion.

5 Essentials to Pack

Now that we’ve got all the Copenhagen travel tips covered—which aren’t overwhelming, to be honest— let’s talk about the top 5 essential items to pack when traveling to this city.

1. Coat and Umbrella

Copenhagen is the perfect place to cozy up at one of the city cafes, and just people watch— especially with the kind of weather.

It may sure look sunny outside, but the temperature can go all the way down to 9 degrees.

A coat and a rain jacket should be part of your list.

Add an umbrella to avoid getting wet if the Copenhagen skies decide to rain on your walking tour.

Make sure you have the right carry-on luggage to fit in bulky items such as these.

2. Gloves

To complete the whole look, you must also wear gloves if you don’t want your fingers to get frozen.

Try wool gloves as they are comfortable and can give you enough warmth to survive the cold weather.

3. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Since touring the city requires a lot of walking, a good pair of comfortable shoes will make this easy for you.

You might see yourself walking the 9-kilometer Norrebro route, and you will instantly feel sorry for yourself if you bring the wrong kind of footwear.

4. Adaptor or Converter

In any country you visit, you should never forget to bring an adaptor with you.

In the case of Denmark, their electric current is at 220 volts. Their sockets are mostly two pins and fit round plugs.

We suggest buying a universal converter or a multi-purpose one so you can use it anywhere in the world.

5. Medical Supplies

While there are available drug stores around the city where you can buy your medical supplies, it is still best if you include packing them in your luggage, especially if you have a particular medication for a specific condition.

Make sure you have packed enough to last for the duration of your stay in the city.

10 Must-See Places and Things to Do in Copenhagen

Now that you have enough knowledge about the city and you already have a packing list for the trip, the next thing that you should know about is the places that you should see and visit.

1. Nyhavn


Nyhavn, which translates to a new harbor, is a waterfront district. This location is where the famous Copenhagen multi-colored townhouses can be seen.

It’s one of the most photographed places in Denmark.

See historical wooden ships at the canal, which is aesthetically perfect for your gram, not to mention filled with stories that you would want to hear.

There’s a Veteran Ship and Museum Harbor located between the Nyhavn Bridge and the Kongens Nytorv that’s worth a visit.

2. Tivoli Gardens

For kids and kids at heart, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a garden and an amusement park in one where you can spend an entire day just having fun under the Denmark sun.

There are restaurants around the area where you can take a short break and then go back to try all the fun and wild rides located in the park.

It’s one of the most visited places in the Scandinavian region as it has over 4 million visits every year.

3. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

A trip to a foreign city won’t be complete without a little cultural touch.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek will give you the right vibe not only about Copenhagen but also other places in the world.

It boasts a thorough collection of art and archaeological objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, so if you’re into all these historical facts, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek will indulge you.

4. The Little Mermaid

Another famous Copenhagen sight is the Little Mermaid, located at the Langelinie Pier.

Inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, this Little Mermaid statue is made of bronze and granite.

It’s a good site for picture taking and daydreaming.

5. Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle

The facade of the Rosenborg Castle looks like it’s straight out of a Wes Anderson film only that this is real life, and it’s even more majestic.

It was built in the 16th century by one of Scandinavia’s most famous kings, Christian IV.

While the castle is not as huge as the others in the region, it’s exquisite panels, and pillars make up for its size. It’s also home to the crown jewels of Denmark.

6. Church of Our Saviour

The helix spire of the Church of Our Saviour is a famous sight in Copenhagen.

You might even see it from afar while taking your morning walk.

The good thing is that you can climb to the top by climbing four hundred steps.

It gives you an excellent vista of the city plus an opportunity to burn your calories too.

7. Stroget

To get a taste of the lively vibe of the city, Stroget is the place to go.

It has pretty cafes and boutiques, including luxury brands which you can visit when you are in the mood for an extravagant shopping spree.

If shopping isn’t your thing, you can delight yourself in one of the many street art exhibitions along the street.

8. Amalienborg

If royal palaces are your thing, go over to Amalienborg to catch a glimpse of the residence of the King and Queen of Denmark.

There are also four other identical buildings around the area that serves as the home of other members of the royal family of Denmark.

9. Freetown Christiania

For a different side of Copenhagen, go to the hippie town of Freetown Christiania.

The cool kids have found a way to build their sanctuary and end up making it a tourist spot for travelers who love the same kind of stuff.

It’s like walking into the same rabbit hole that Alice has found leading her to wonderland— but in the case of Freetown Christiania, it’s made of abandoned military buildings that have been turned into safe havens for hippies.

10. Christiansborg Palace

The gothic vibe of this palace is enough reason to attract tourists and locals.

When you lay your eyes on Christiansborg Palace, you’d probably be too elated to be face to face with one of the oldest architectural sites as it is 800 years old filled with so much history.

There are plenty of European cities that anyone would love to visit.

In case you’re one of those globetrotters, be sure to put Copenhagen on your list.

Rent a bike, roam around freely, and have a taste of Europe without battling so much with a pack of crowds.

About the Author:
Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a brand consultant and as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature.