Best Things to Do in Beijing

Best Things to Do in Beijing

China is predicted to be the most visited country with Beijing at the top of most people’s bucket list, here’s the list of best things to do on a trip to Beijing!

Tiananmen Square

It is right in the heart of the city, the iconic Tiananmen Square is full of history, and most importantly, it’s free.

It is surrounded by most of the recognizable landmarks in China. You can take the subway to Qianmen station to reach the southern end of the square.

The Forbidden City

It is a sight that you can’t miss during your trip to Beijing.

Known as the Palace Museum, it entertains some of China’s sacred, culturally important and, rare exhibits viewed anywhere in the world.

Make sure you take the time to visit this beautiful historic place.

National Art Museum

It’s a great introduction to Chinese modernized exquisite art, including the shadow puppets and paper-cuttings that you will see for sale.

The National Art Museum is free to enter just with your passport and, it is closed every Monday.

798 Art District

798 is in the northeast of the city and, the easiest way to reach there is to take a taxi if you want to save those yuans.

Take on the subway line 14 and get off at Wangjing Nan Station.

At Exit B1, you’ll be able to walk 20 minutes to the entrance or, you could also take a bus 403 to Dashanzi Lukou Dong Station.

Eat on the Street

China is a dreamland for food lovers.

You don’t have to withstand on a diet of boiled noodles to stick to your daily budget.

There are few starter snacks to look for like, Beijing Yogurt, Sugar coated hawthorn berries, Fried pancake wrap, Donkey Burger, and Lamb Kebabs.

You can also have some supermarket snacks to keep you energized.

People Watching

China is a people watcher’s dream.

Real Beijing happens in the hutongs and squares of the city and, it doesn’t take much exploring.

You will see large groups of exercising, dancing, practicing hobbies together.

You are more likely to spot these groups, so plan your day accordingly.

Great Wall of China

It would be the first landmark when you think of going to China.

The Wall is recognized as the longest building in the world and is a wonder worth seeing.

You’ll be encountering the crowds, especially during the Chinese New Year and National Day holiday.

The Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park hosts a broad display of sports-specific arenas.

The opening time and the fees can differ depending on which arena or building you wish to enter.

Pearl Market

It is also known as Hongqiao Market.

It will be a great deal if you are looking for a bargain.

It is famous for the quality pearls that are sold, apart from other things.

There are different bus options to get to the market. But if you are taking the train, jump on Subway Line 5 to Tiantan East Gate and leave through Exit B, with it only being a short stroll away.