Hidden Travel Spots in Nashville - Tennessee

Hidden Travel Spots in Nashville – Tennessee

Nashville city has to offer a lot of hidden travel spots, and also is considered a home base for country music. People flock to Nashville, Tennessee each year in hopes of getting somehow into country music and the city has a big draw for any music fan wishing to be enveloped by all that is country.

Most visitors know the typical attractions that come with visiting Nashville such as Grand Ole Opry, Opryland Mall, Nashville Zoo, etc.

However, there are some less frequented travel spots in Nashville and they offer not only history into what made this country great, but they also offer unique interesting experiences that not all visitors may see.

1. The TN State Museum is one of the biggest state museums and is located downtown at Deaderick and 5th Street. The museum houses many Civil War displays, an Egyptian mummy, and a frontier exhibit. Admission is normally free, however, sometimes they have special exhibits that require an admission charge.

2. The Tennessee Capitol overlooks Bicentennial Mall. The Tennessee Capitol sets on top of a high hill in the downtown district and offers a gorgeous view of the downtown area and admission to the Capital is free.

3. The War Memorial Building was built to honor soldiers who had died in WWI and it’s home to the TN State Museum’s Military Branch Exhibit. The War Memorial Building is across the street from the Capital building and admission is free.

4. Second Avenue is one of Nashville’s oldest historic districts and includes approximately 50 properties and admission is free.

5. Lower Broadway includes some of the most historic and older parts of Nashville. Lower Broad is home to the majority of the local area honky-tonks and small clubs.

6. The Nashville Arcade is designed after an arcade in Italy and is one of the few like it in the country. It has a breathtaking glass roof and has undergone a wonderful revitalization and is filled with fantastic art galleries and other businesses.

7. The Bicentennial Capitol State Park is one of Nashville’s best-hidden attractions and is located in the northwest section of Nashville next to the Farmer’s Market. The 19-acre park was built in honor of the state’s 200th year of being a state.

8. Fort Negley is a fort built by the Union Army and the biggest inland fort built during the Civil War. It has a large Visitor area which is over 4,000 square ft and includes a theater, exhibit area, and plaza that is outdoors.

9. Fort Nashborough was founded by James Robertson when he led pioneers across the Cumberland River. It was the first white settlement in the area. The fort is under reconstruction however it is still worth a visit. Admission is completely free.

10. Nashville downtown has a great deal to offer anyone visiting the city and the quaint country markets and storefronts are great to linger in and the sidewalks are filled with music at most every turn. We have traveled downtown and found many hidden bar with a local artist trying to break into the music business and get noticed. This is our favorite way to see Nashville.