How To Get The Best Out Of Portugal

How To Get The Best Out Of Portugal

Whether you’re on a family holiday or you’re in more adult company, holidays to Portugal with Club Med have something for everyone. The likes of Spain and Greece are now familiar tourist fare, but Portugal’s mix of history and culture with modern amenities and warm, friendly people means that you won’t have to work hard to find something to enjoy.

With everything from old castles to explore and some of the finest beaches in the world to relax on, Portugal has everything the modern holidaymaker could want. So, here are some of our tips for getting the best out of this beautiful country:


We can’t talk about Portugal without mentioning its capital city; its mix of a rich post-colonial history and breath-taking views allow you to enjoy Gothic cathedrals and the public baths on the one hand, and the modern Barrio Alto (meaning ‘Upper District) with its fine restaurants and bars playing modern music alongside fado (Portugal’s own style of melancholic singing) on the other.


This city is world-famous for its contribution to the world of wine, but that’s far from the only reason to come here.

It is one of Europe’s oldest central cities and, as such, is steeped in culture of the historical as well as culinary kind. The Ribeira district is full of (Unesco-recognised) churches tucked in-between winding lanes and accessible via curved staircases.

But modern architectural buffs will enjoy Álvaro Siza Vieira’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Museum of Contemporary Art) and Rem Koolhaas’ Casa da Música (a major concert hall which houses three orchestras), as will those who are more interested in both art and music, of course.


This is one of the great marble towns (the others are Borba and Vila Viçosa), which is constructed of multi-colored marble, which can also be seen in countries like Africa, India, and Brazil as a result of Portugal has been a major colonial power up to the 19th Century.

Nowadays the area boasts a fine Saturday market that should provide both a great experience and some great souvenirs!

The Algarve:

The beaches of this unique region are famous across the world, but while they’re far from secret nowadays they are still clean and enjoyable for all.

The Algarve is also the place to sample some of Portugal’s best food, as well as checking out the still-traditional Tavira in the east or spa town Monchique up in the mountains, as well as Sagres (which makes an internationally exported beer) in the South West, a seaside town with some of the best year-round surf in Europe.

Figueira da Foz:

This city contains mile-long stretches of beach that will satisfy even the most demanding sun-worshipper, plus one of Portugal’s oldest casinos, the Casino da Figueira.

Gambling is legal in this region, which brings another entertaining aspect to Portugal’s Silver Coast (or Costa De Prata) tourism center for those wishing to try their luck while they enjoy their holiday.

There’s more to Portugal than you might have imagined – and all on the Western edge of Europe.

So, for an accessible but interesting family holiday just book your ticket and try out some of our tips for yourself… maybe you’ll have some suggestions of your own soon!