Is Portugal the new Spain for British holidaymakers

Is Portugal the new Spain for British holidaymakers?

Spain has been one of the most popular locations for holidays since modern holiday has existed. Many families, couples and people visit it regularly. Yet, after all this time, is Spain still the center of focus in the holiday market? Its neighboring country, Portugal, is fast being recognized for its unique culture, atmosphere, and tourism. So, if you’re considering your next break away, perhaps you should look into a holiday in Portugal.


One of the major appealing factors of Spain is that it can be rather cheap, with long-standing tourist businesses ensuring cheap rates thanks to a healthy competition.

However, the same can also be said of Portugal.

As a largely coastal nation, there is a wide range of beaches and seaside resorts.

Even in-land, the stunning Portuguese countryside offers a lot of holiday destinations, especially in the likes of the Algarve where golf is particularly popular.

As such, there is just a strong tourism industry in Portugal. This fosters healthy competition, which results in cheap rates and offers for you as a holidaymaker.


Spain is mainly known for its beaches, with the majority of its holiday destinations being along with one of its several coasts.

Portugal, on the other hand, is much more varied.

This isn’t to say that Portugal doesn’t have beaches. In fact, Portugal has more than its fair share of stunning, endless coastlines that look out onto the endless ocean. Yet, going inland there is still plenty to see.

The countryside is rich and beautiful, with various local towns to explore.

The climate can also vary, getting hotter the closer you are to the equator, with more dry and arid areas at the extremes, offering a variety of choices.

The Algarve is a fantastic example of an inland holiday.

With plenty to see and do, all set against the scenic backdrop of the Portuguese backdrop, this is a perfect location for any holiday.

Whether you want to take advantage of the various golf courses, or simply soak in the local charm and culture, Portugal is a country that prides itself on variety and choice.


If you’ve been to Spain, you’re no doubt familiar with its culture.

Whilst it is interesting and exciting, sometimes you want something new and refreshing.

Despite being next to Spain, Portugal shares very little of its heritage and history with Spain. Even the language, Portuguese, is distinctly different from Spanish.

People often mistakenly assume Spanish is the common language due to the geographical proximity of the larger country, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, many of the locals will feel insulted if you speak to them in Spanish.

To conclude, it’s hard to describe exactly how interesting and unique Portugal is.

With more and more people visiting every year, it’s becoming a new hotspot for the summer holidays.

If you’re looking for somewhere new, or are just tired of Spain, then you should consider going a little further west into Portugal on your next trip.