Lebanon Vacation Guide

Lebanon Vacation Guide – 5 Fun Things To Do

Lebanon is well-known as God’s own country, choke-full of many contradictions. And these contradictions make this country more ‘preferred’ amongst many vacationers. Once here, you have plenty to explore and experience.

Barring the religious side of the country, where the conservative culture presumes, you can witness the best party culture here in Lebanon.

Right from the war-trodden portions, to the mysterious alleys and delectable traditional cuisine – Lebanon is a package deal in itself!

You will find the people around here always relaxing at their roof-tops and enjoying their flavored hookah or listening to music.

To find out more and plan well, read below the five fun-filled activities that you can indulge while planning a tour of Lebanon.

Plan a hike or camp at the Cedar National Reserve:

camp at the Cedar National Reserve

Plan your Lebanon tour so that you do not miss the adventurous hike to the Cedar National Reserve.

The cedar trees happen to be Lebanon’s national symbol, and you will also find the same on their national flag.

The entire country is most famously known as the ‘Cedars of God.’

After a lot of exploitation in the past eras by the Babylonians, Israelites, Persians, and Egyptians, UNESCO has taken a stronghold over the entire cedar forest of Lebanon.

Enjoy the guided tour all-through the thick cedar forest, while experiencing the calls of various wild animals.

It is, without any doubt, an experience of a lifetime.

Hike to the top of one of the mountains and feel the fresh air!

You can also plan camping in the wilds.

Hire a car and plan for a wild-life camping adventure.

Moreover, spending a couple of nights in your gutter mount roof rack is yet another life experience to remember.

Explore Lebanese culture at Beirut’s Downtown:

Beirut Downtown

Nothing stands better than exploring the Lebanese culture, especially when you are in Beirut.

The entire area of Beirut is classically well-known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

Once here, you can ask any of your hotel personnel or the locals around and head towards Downtown.

This place looks costly and sleek as compared to the streets of Hamra.

But it is enjoyable walking down the streets of Solidere as it is another name of Downtown.

The Lebanese war has severely beaten downtown in the past few years and destroyed more than half of the city.

With the advent of time and technology, it looks beautiful and well-crowded with many fancy food joints, hookah bars, cafes, pubs, and the famous Lebanese curio stores.

You do not have to keep pace with time, as, in Downtown, everything stays open till late.

So, you have all the time to explore and see the mysteries unfold while taking a stroll in the Downtown alleys.

Enjoy Zahle’s age-old traditional meal:

Zahle’s age-old traditional meal

While in Lebanon, you must explore the gastronomical section with their traditional meal.

Plan for an entire day at Zahle, as it is famous for serving the traditional cuisine, and classically known as the city of ‘wine and poetry.’

The picturesque locales and the backdrop of the serene mountains will make you spend some time exploring the alleys of Zahle, while on your way towards Baalbek.

Plan for lunch at one of Zahle’s food corners.

Most of them are prompt at service, serving their delicious local cuisine.

Enjoy your lunch with the full spread of starters, main meal, and not to forget, the fruits along with dessert.

You should be aware of it while dining at Zahle because the locals always feel solemn about serving dessert and fresh fruits with every meal.

After you are over with your main meal, they will usher you to a new table, well laid-out with assorted desserts and fruits!

So, enjoy their hospitality to the fullest!

Be an intellect at Hamra:

Stir the intellectual soul by exploring the streets of Hamra.

The roads of Hamra are famous for all the cafes and pubs, along with book stores and other small curio cottages.

If you want, you can stopover for a couple of days at one of its pocket-friendly hotels.

Nothing feels more significant than a freshly brewed coffee with some local journal in hand!

You will get the know-how of Lebanon and its hidden cultures.

The whole place gives out the feeling of you being in your university days! Thus, wait no more.

Do put Hamra as one of your exploring areas in your Lebanon travel guide.

Party hard at the beach clubs:

Want to get a good tan?

Hop towards the private beaches of Lebanon.

The mesmerizing beauty of the Mediterranean Sea is ever-welcoming, and you will never want to leave this place!

Ask the hotel concierge about their private beach clubs, as these are hygienic, as compared to the local beaches here.

You can cherry-pick your preference from the assortment of clubs, where you will find all the necessary arrangements of the pool, snooker, and of course, the famous DJs.

Every beach has a different flavor.

While some are best known for their beauty, others are good for relaxation and aesthetics.

With great food and drink, enjoy the nights at one of these beach clubs.

Final thoughts

You must have visited many places worldwide and had an array of experience, from Europe’s art galleries to Vegas’ strip clubs and Los Angeles’ famous party beaches – but nothing in comparison to Lebanon.

Once here, you will want for more as this place leaves a mark in mind forever!

Apart from the scenic beauty and humble people, you will fall in love with their culture and ways of living.

The entire country is poetic and full of feeling!

So, wait no more. Plan well and enjoy the most comprehensive city of ‘dawn and dusk.’