Los Angeles Nightlife

Los Angeles Nightlife

Cap a day of sightseeing and strolls along the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a fun night out. The vibrant city of Los Angeles may not be the city that never sleeps, but does not fall short in drinking venues.

City Sip, the Hidden Wine Bar

This casual wine bar in the heart of Silverlake is a bit small, but not too intimate.

Pair the wine with a plate of gourmet cheeses served with almonds and quince.

The relaxed atmosphere and the waiter’s willingness to recommend unusual wine and cheese pairings make a night at City Sip an unforgettable experience.

A Hotel Bar in Downtown LA

The Gallery Bar, inside the old-school Biltmore Hotel, has gorgeous architecture and a quaint and cozy vibe with a classic Hollywood feel to it.

This is the perfect place to have a martini while digging in on their free mixed nuts.

They are not good because they are free; they are amazing nuts, the kind people would happily pay for, but that is rather provided free of charge.

Vinoteca in Los Feliz

Vinoteca Farfalla is a smallish wine bar in the heart of Los Feliz, just off of Vermont Ave., perfect for kicking off the night.

Its mostly oaky interior can get a little crowded at times, but the tables in the back are always quiet.

Wine enthusiasts will be surprised by their vast selection and exquisite Pinot Noirs.

Hotel Roosevelt

Located off the Roosevelt Hotel’s lobby, there is never a line to get into the Library Bar.

Just across from Teddy’s, this place is often missed by those unaware of its existence.

Famous for its cocktails, the bartenders are always willing to create exclusive drinks using the most unexpected ingredients.

Their menu’s ten-step mojito is a must-have.


Reservoir provides the best atmosphere for intimate conversations.

This tiny place in Silverlake, across from Spaceland, is known for its wine selection and cozy vibe.

Mainly lit by small candles, the music is never too loud.

Although targeted to people in their thirties and forties, its proximity to the music venue makes for an eclectic crowd.

The spicy mussels with grilled ciabatta appetizer will not disappoint.

Parking in Los Angeles can be tricky.

It is recommended to valet downtown since spots can be elusive and public parking lots tend to also charge a fee.

There are plenty of meters in the Los Feliz and Silverlake areas.