The Tropical Beauty of Maldives

The Tropical Beauty of Maldives

The islands of Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean and are the smallest of the Asian countries. 1,190 different islands string along to make this breathtaking tropical paradise.

Diving these islands will bring adventure and excitement each time you dive.

Over 3,000 coral reefs hide all sorts of awesome sea life and the waters remain clear enough to see fish up to 50 meters away.

Over 1,000 different kinds of fish and sea creatures can be spotted in the waters around the Maldives.

Explore the many caves and caverns where colorful fans and sponges live. Manta rays can be found, along with whale sharks cruising through the waters.

For another exciting excursion, take a trip to the whale diving submarine.

Descend under the ocean to get up close and personal with all sorts of amazing sea creatures.

Water sports are abundant as there is water everywhere.

Go windsurfing or parasailing, try some kite surfing, or hop on a jet-ski for some fast-paced action.

Surfers can catch some excellent swells rising up to eight feet, or you can try a more relaxing sport such as kayaking.

Accommodations in the Maldives can be as simple as a city hotel, as romantic as a beach resort, or as adventurous as a Safari cruise.

These safaris are like a hotel that floats gently on the water.

Cruise the islands and visit the best spots, without ever having to unpack.

Fishing excursions or sunset cruises are offered, as well as snorkeling or scuba diving trips.

Enjoy rooms with a balcony, buffet-style meals, bathing on the sun deck or relaxing in the jacuzzi.

For a taste of the untouched islands, take an excursion to one of the uninhabited areas.

Walk on footprint-free sand, and enjoy the solitude that these secluded spots have to offer.

Find the perfect cove for a romantic picnic, or take the kids to a quiet island to show them what undeveloped natural beauty looks like.

For a fantastic dining experience, Sea underwater restaurant will take you to the depths of the ocean where you will dine among the amazing fish that swim all around you.

The restaurant gives a whole new meaning to “wine cellar”, and theirs is stocked with over 250 different choices from 14 countries.

Many of the islands, such as Biyadhoo, are completely vehicle free. No cars or buses, not even a bicycle will cross your path.

This is about as tranquil as you can get. You can circle many of the islands on foot in just minutes.

The Maldives is truly a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored.

If you need a break from reality, Maldives is the place to go to rejuvenate.