Tips For Finding Hotels Near Disneyland Lodgings In Anaheim

Tips For Finding Hotels Near Disneyland: Lodgings In Anaheim

Thinking of planning a trip to Disneyland? Congratulations! This could be the vacation of a lifetime. Here are some helpful tips on finding a hotel near Disneyland.

To begin with, consider the hotel’s location.

Staying at a hotel within walking distance of Disneyland saves money on parking and transportation.

Parking runs $12 a day in the Disneyland parking lot.

The Anaheim Resort Transit, ( ART,) which provides area transportation between Disneyland and local hotels, costs three dollars for one day for adults 10 years old and over and one dollar a day for children 3 to 10 years old.

In addition, bus lines can belong at the end of the night and it can actually be quicker to walk back to a nearby hotel than to wait for the bus.

Complimentary Breakfast At Hotels Near Disneyland

Different hotels offer different amenities.

Consider which amenities are most important. Is it necessary to have a hotel with a pool? Will any clothes need to be washed and dried while on vacation? What about needing a refrigerator or microwave?

If traveling with children, consider booking a room with a kitchenette.

If a rollaway bed or a crib is needed, be sure to check to see if there any additional charges for these.

Unless tickets are pre-purchased, inquire as to whether the hotel sells tickets for Disneyland.

This will keep everyone from having to wait at the ticket booth when you arrive.

Staying In A Suite By Disneyland

If traveling with a big family or a large group of friends, it might be more economical to book a suite.

Suites typically hold 6 to 8 people and can be less expensive than booking two rooms.

If booking two rooms, be sure to ask the hotel if they have adjoining rooms.

If kicking back and watching a little TV at the end of the day sounds good, look into how many TVs the suite has.

While some only offer one, others offer two which can come in quite handy when people have different tastes in TV viewing.

Cost Of Booking A Hotel Near Disneyland

In booking a hotel, one of the most important factors for many people is the cost.

If booking directly with the hotel, be sure to check with several to find the best deal.

Ask if they had any special offers or packages.

If a member of AAA, don’t forget to ask about AAA rates as they are often less expensive than the going rate at the hotel.

Consider checking some online sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, or Anaheim.

Many times they offer special rates that can’t be found anywhere else.

Even if not quite ready to book a Disneyland vacation, it doesn’t hurt to see what special offers are out there.

Good luck on vacation planning!

Eating out can become expensive so check to see if the hotel offers a free continental breakfast.

Be sure to see what the breakfast consists of. Some hotels only offer rolls and beverages, while others offer a variety of cereals, fresh fruit, an assortment of pastries, yogurt, and even waffles.

If planning on eating meals outside of the park ask to see if the hotel has an on-site restaurant. If traveling with children, find out if they have the kids eat free program.