When in London: 8 Traditional British Food That You Should Try

Every time someone mentions British food, the first thing that would come to mind to most people is fish and chips.

This tasty dish is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most famous exports, and rightfully so.

However, other traditional British foods travel blogs are less likely to talk about, but you ought to know.

What’s more, British food even has that long and pretty interesting history behind them. Some are regional specialties that you have to travel to a particular location to try.

Now, to help you get started, here are the top nine traditional British food that you need to try:

Full English Breakfast

Only a few countries do breakfast better than the British.

And without a doubt, a full English breakfast is a dish that you’ll certainly look forward to waking up to.

Although some of the items differ depending on where you are in the United Kingdom, this dish is usually composed of grilled bacon, grilled tomatoes, fried bread, poached eggs, hash browns, and black pudding baked beans, and sausages.

If you’re in some treat, this filling breakfast option will certainly fuel you up for the rest of the day.


Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash are known to be a traditional and homely meal in England.

It is simple to make yet satisfying and filling.

That’s because it mostly consists of sausages and mashed potatoes.

You can also add an incredibly filling and cheesy mash.

You might even try a little bit of butter to your liking. Moreso, bangers made up of beef, lamb, and pork are usually served with fried onions, gravy, and peas.

You’ll find it all around the pubs of London, as this is usually a staple meal in the place.

bangers and mash

Pie Mash with Eel Liquor

This dish is very much a London creation since the 19th-century Victorian era.

This meal was first served in 1890 by a family-run business called Goddards at Greenwich, located in Greenwich, London.

This dish is the typical working-class food back in the day when pie mash and eel liquor were pretty standard and cheap in London back in the day.

Another particular part of the meal is eel liquor, often made from parsley sauce and eel gravy.

These days, Goddards at Greenwich is still serving diners its famous and traditional meal. It is made from various pie fillings, ranging from steak, beef, chicken, vegetarian, and lamb options.

If you want to try out another traditional English meal served at the restaurant, there’s also the Jellied Eels.

This dish is usually made from chopped eels, boiled from spiced stock, and then cooked to form a jelly.

Fish and Chips

Indeed, one of the traditional British food that’s extremely popular throughout the globe is the fish and chips dish.

Deep-fried chips and fish (cod) is one of the usual English meals that’s often served in wrapping paper, along with salt and vinegar. This will instantly provide a quick fix for your cravings.

Jewish immigrants from Holland brought about the origin of the fish and chips culture in the UK. And they would usually serve these every Friday for religious occasions.

Eventually, the British embraced this food and grew to love the dish.

In 1860, the first chips and chips shop in the country opened in Oldham, Greater Manchester.



These are usually a type of clam usually found on seabeds and are often associated with the traditional foods you need to try when you’re in London.

In fact, these have been sold in traditional markets in London for generations.

Although this food is often tagged for the more daring foodies out there, it features a distinct flavor that you’ll undoubtedly grow fond of.

You can look for cockles in the famous Borough Market, instead of those sold off in jars at supermarkets.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Known to be a British classic, you can eat this Sunday roast with pork, beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and veggie options.

You must get a taste of the Yorkshire pudding.

Traditionally, this is served with beef and is a true British classic.

This traditional roast often comes with meat, gravy, potatoes, and vegetables.

This meal is so filling that you’ll find it a bit challenging to walk afterward!

Eton Mess

This is a famous English dessert named after the popular boy’s school, Eton College.

This dessert has a tasteful mix of full cream, merengue, and strawberries.

Alternatively, it can also be made up of different fruits or ice cream rather than full cream.

If you want a more authentic experience with this dessert, you may opt for those traditional British strawberries.

Beef Wellington

You can get a taste of this British classic in several fine dining restaurants in the UK.

Many modern gastro pubs have also perfected this dish, and people are trying to recreate this famous dish in their homes.

The main ingredient of this meal will always be composed of high-quality filet steak, covered with pate. Then, this will be wrapped with a fluffy pastry and cooked to perfection.

Although this a popular dish, several sources claim that this didn’t originate from the Duke of Wellington. Instead, it is a reference to Wellington, New Zealand.


Listed above are the top British food that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in London. That way, you can experience a more authentic food experience. For the drinks, you might also pair these dishes with a lovely cup of tea. Enjoy!