Why Holiday In The Bahamas And Portugal

Why Holiday In The Bahamas And Portugal

Two locations that aren’t always pouring first consideration for a holiday destination; the Bahamas and Portugal are both great countries worth visiting on your next holiday.

Whilst both share various factors, such as large coastal stretches and summer weather, the two are quite distinct.

Whereas Portugal focuses on varying countryside and history, the Bahamas focus on relaxation and exotic culture. Depending on what you’re after, you might end up favoring one instead of the other.


Situated west of Spain, Portugal enjoys a high amount of coastlines and beaches.

With long summer months and excellent sun, Portugal is all about taking the time to enjoy yourself in the sun.

It is also affordable too.

Only a short flight away, thanks to its location, various Portugal all-inclusive holidays ensure an affordable and memorable experience.

From the native Portuguese language and culture, there is a noticeable difference between Portugal and Spain which many overlook.

A rich character all of its own, Portugal is worth visiting just to experience something new.

Furthermore, Portugal has a unique and extensively varied landscape.

Whilst the north plays host to lush rocky, mountains covered in greenery, the Alentejo region is more reminiscent of a desert.

In the south, the Algarve boasts rich countryside and endless beach opportunities.

The Algarve

The Algarve is perhaps the most popular area in Portugal, with the region’s various beaches drawing tourists from all over the globe.

Heading inland, there are various activities and attractions that can further entertain you, with the likes of golf providing a fun and engaging day’s activity.

With various small, native towns located around this region, the area offers a great combination of tourism and local cultures.

The Bahamas

Located further away than Portugal, the Bahamas offer a more tropical experience.

A tranquil archipelago, a strong tourism business has developed here, maintaining and promoting much of the natural beauty.

Whatever you want, the Bahamas holidays are about letting you enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Similar to Portugal, the ocean has a strong influence on activities and lifestyle here.

Adventurous and energetic holidaymakers can spend the day diving, snorkeling, water skiing or partaking of any other form of water sports.

Even a simple boat trip to an outlying island can provide a fun few hours, exploring the turquoise oceans and uninhabited islands that dot the area.

Furthermore, the Bahamas hosts elements of a rich tropical culture reminiscent of more Caribbean countries, despite its strong tourist population.

From various festivals throughout the year to the exotic and occasionally spicy, fresh seafood, you can’t forget where you are in the world.

In conclusion, it can be hard to choose between the Bahamas and Portugal.

If you’re after coastal activities and white, sandy beaches, then there isn’t much difference.

Yet, depending on what else you’re after, the experience changes very steeply.

If you take some time to decide which one sounds the best, or simply interests you a little bit more, than you are certainly guaranteed to end up having a unique and memorable holiday experience.